Permitted Items


Small Blankets measuring no more than 60” x 30” (standard beach towel size)

  • (Some shows may not permit blankets.) 


  • Small personal umbrellas not to exceed 41” diameter when open
  • No large, golf, or cane umbrellas
  • No sharp-tipped umbrellas
  • Umbrellas may not be opened on the floor, in your seat, or on the GA Lawn

Reusable, collapsible water bottles and cups are allowed if 20oz or smaller and empty upon entering the venue; excludes camelback-style hydration packs/water reservoirs

One factory-sealed water bottle per guest, no larger than 20 oz

Baby strollers are allowed in the Grand Plaza and concessions areas only

Personal cameras that can fit in a front shirt pocket (e.g. point-and-click digital cameras or film cameras)

Handheld, personal fan misters (must be empty upon entering the venue)


Prescription Medicine Requirements:

  • Anyone needing prescription medicine at the concert must present the pharmacy-labeled container which states the prescription, dosage, and patient name to our supervisorial staff at the entrance gate. Patrons are only allowed a sufficient supply of the prescribed medication for that day.
  • Over-the-counter medications are allowed in a sufficient supply for the day. Bottle contents will be verified by medical personnel at the entry gates. Outside food and drink is not allowed inside venue gates. However, if a patron has special medical dietary restrictions, items will be allowed if accompanied by a doctor’s note. You will be asked to present your doctor’s note to security upon entry to the venue.

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