Venue Rules & Regulations

The rules and regulations outlined below are to ensure an exceptional concert experience for everyone visiting us here at the Germania Insurance Amphitheater. 

  • Be considerate – this is a shared space and we want everyone to enjoy themselves. 
  • Harassment of any kind toward fellow guests and staff will not be tolerated.
  • Wristbands and other credentials are NON-TRANSFERABLE, NON-EXCHANGEABLE, and NON-REPLACEABLE. Do NOT stretch or tamper with your wristband in any way or you will not be allowed entry. Subsequent and/or multiple presentations (passing) of counterfeited wristband are considered VOID and will be seized by Venue Staff.
  • Misuse of tickets, wristbands, and other credentials will be seized by staff and will not be replaced. Those misusing tickets, wristbands, and/or other credentials are subject to ejection without a refund. 
  • The resale of Germania Insurance Amphitheater admission tickets is strictly prohibited on the property, which includes the facility’s grounds and surrounding parking areas.
  • Soliciting or vending is not permitted on Pavilion grounds unless previously authorized by Pavilion management.
  • Smoking, including Vapes and E-Cigs, is not permitted on the floor, in reserved seats, on the GA Lawn, or in the picnic and concessions areas. Designated smoking areas are located outside of the bowl in the Grand Plaza and the upper lid behind the stage near the bathrooms. Please see venue staff for directions.
  • Guests who show signs of illegal substance abuse or intoxication may be refused entry.
  • Guests are permitted to stand and dance in front of their seat. Standing ON seats is not allowed.
  • Standing or dancing in the aisles is not permitted. (Places of Assembly in the State of Texas, Article 25, Section 25.107)
  • Guests (including children) are not allowed to sit or stand on the shoulders of another guest.
  • No throwing objects of any kind.
  • Flying drones on or over the property is not permitted at any time.

Upon entering the venue, all patrons will be subject to the same security screening process which includes walk-through metal detectors, hand wands, and, in some cases, pat downs. In addition, all bags, purses, blankets, and personal items are subject to inspection. Please prepare accordingly; remove hats, jackets, and sunglasses and empty pockets of cell phones, keys, wallets, and other items prior to entering the metal detectors.

Ticket-holders should be aware that there are no provisions for returning banned items left at the venue entrances. We encourage you to leave all banned items at home or in your vehicle before entering the venue. Individuals who deliberately attempt to bring banned items through security checkpoints are subject to removal from the facility without a refund.


Re-entry is not permitted once leaving the gates.

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