Germania Insurance Amphitheater at the Circuit of The Americas embraces sustainability in all of its operations. Our sustainability efforts are focused on the four priority areas noted below:


Our events incorporate a recycling and composting program that diverts waste from landfills and recovers resources for reuse. We recycle at our facilities and at our events. During major events we implement both recycling and composting collection (pre-consumer in the kitchens and limited post-consumer in certain areas). Our permanent food and beverage vendors are partners in this initiative, who further our waste diversion goals by donating some of our left-over food from major events to food banks.


Our site includes a riparian creek restoration zone, grassland prairie restoration areas, use of native landscaping, and a tree planting program with over 1000 new trees. Part of our electricity is obtained from renewable energy sources via a subscription to Austin Energy’s GreenChoice program, thus helping reduce emissions related to our energy usage.


To help conserve water, our facilities feature water-conserving fixtures and we only use permanent irrigation in limited areas. Energy conservation is promoted by our sub-metering system, which allows us to carefully monitor our energy consumption.


Germania Insurance Amphitheater at Circuit of The Americas collaborates with local schools and universities on sustainability related projects, and are founding partners in the City of Austin’s Positive Impact on Climate and Community Program.

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